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Notes from the Supporters’ Committee Meeting - Wednesday 27th March 2024

Notes from the Supporters’ Committee Meeting - Wednesday 27th March 2024

Kathryn Townsley30 Mar - 12:49
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Positivity Throughout.

Our Chair, Kathryn Townsley attended the latest Supporters Committee Meeting and has provided the following notes from the session:

Hull City’s Vice Chairman, Tan Kesler opened the meeting with a progress update over the 2 years since the Club ownership had changed, and advised,

  • It had been a quick 2 years
  • Their plan was clearly progressing - a great coach, a different playing style, increased attendances, an improved squad.
  • Membership have bought into the ‘family’ ethos which has been fantastic
  • The owners are continuing to take risks to make us as fans proud.
  • He himself is pleased to be part of Hull City 24:7.

The pre planning application for the stadium development has been received positively. It will be an expensive project, and the Club are working to ensure it can be financed without impacting the money that is going into the actual footballing side of the business, so are meeting up with various potential partners eg energy scheme, sports clinic to help achieve this. A public consultation will follow on the plans, and at the end of this year a formal planning application will be submitted.

Academy wise - the aim is to develop elite players. The current results shouldn’t be concerning, the squads are playing at levels above their actual age groups but that is intentional in the quest to get the best from the players and understand their potential. Also noted, that all teams are playing the same style of football.

Memberships will increase by c. 10-15% next season, an unavoidable increase unfortunately after several years of standstill prices, even then, the prices are very reasonable when compared to other clubs in the Championship.

Future supporters committee meetings will look different, and become more strategic workshops, one of which will be to concentrate on traffic issues pre and post match. Recurring themes such as cleanliness, stewarding, facilities, building issues are hoped to be addressed with statements.

Other points included:

  • Spam responses on social media posts are overwhelming, the Club are part of an EFL working party who aim to address with Meta, X etc as a collective.
  • No smoking, no vaping signs are to be put up at the stadium.
  • Tigers TV to be upgraded.
  • U21 fixtures will have increased promotion.
  • A proposal for chant lyrics to be shown on the big screens was discussed, but dismissed.
  • The Dugout is to be refurbished hopefully ahead of the start of next season.
  • A sensory room is hopefully going to be ready for the start of the next season too.
  • A food delivery trial will take place at an upcoming rugby match.
  • A survey re radar keys for disabled toilets is currently underway.
  • Supporters will have a window of opportunity to move seats at the end of the season, but it was also noted that seat lives can be made during the season too.
  • Regarding the loyalty points requirements for several of the latest away games - it was agreed it wasn’t ideal to introduce this part way through the season.
  • There are 16,200 members this season.
  • The Ticketmaster system will be used for ticketing next season.
  • Members will have the choice of a digital card or a physical card as now next season.
  • Queues at food outlets are being addressed by repurposing old betting booths as drinks stations. Menu displays will also be looked at so that they align to availability at the outlet.
  • It is hoped that should there be further Turkiye trips, more notice would be given to allow more fans chance the apply.

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